ACMA blocks several affiliate websites

ACMA blocks several affiliate websites

ACMA blocks several affiliate websites

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) commanded to block several offshore wagering and affiliate online casinos that are accused of illegal acting within the state.

As claimed by the ACMA community, a great number of casinos including Paradiso room, Casino shortlist, Australia Casino, Golden Lady Casino, etc. got noticed in breaching the Interactive Gambling Act. Internet providers of the country were ordered to shut down all such websites.

Since November of 2019, ACMA makes blocking orders and has managed to block around 375 illegal operating sites within the country. After applying new wagering rules in 2017, ACMA closed around 150 illegal services in Australia.

The community remarks:

Shutting down the illegal sites ensures to prevent people from harmful wagering services due to the notifications that appear when people try to make an entry to the website. We remind the users that the services may not have a strong user protection system though it may look legal. So, people may lose money when they try to use illegal wagering services.”

During the previous month, ACMA ordered the blocking of offshore lottery sites for the first time when Red Fox Lotto and We Love Lotto were found out to be acting illegally.

During that month, in addition to that, ACMA warmed Tabcorp when it applied in-play stakes on a basketball game of US college. ACMA started to investigate Tabcorp when it was noticed to be taking 37 in-play stakes during a sport event on 3 January 2021.

Based on Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, in-play stakes on a current match is banned within the country.

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