HooYu announces launch of new payment security measures

HooYu announces launch of new payment security measures

Posted by: AffPapa

HooYu has released their latest Card Check feature which will be an additional security measure for customers when they are checking out.

The provider of KYC technology has created a brand new Card Check feature which will be added to their already-massive list of resources. HooYu have been giving it their all in order to make sure that people are 100% secure when they make online transactions, by using their identification as a security process. They have been doing amazing things for more than twenty years and are constantly impressing their online community.

This latest Card Check feature basically serves as an additional security measure through which users upload a photo of their preferred card payment method. Afterwards, the HooYu team will check the card number and name and compare it to the card that was initially utilized to deposit funds. One of the key features of this product is that it does not breach the users’ personal data or sensitive information.

And aside from striving to keeping everyone safe on the internet, the HooYu team is well aware that there is a massive market out there that is in desperate need for safer payment methods. In the end, the Card Check feature simply makes sure that customers have the right card when they check out. This will save both time and money when it comes to HooYu’s clients since their technological process can do the check feature in their place.

HooYu mainly would like to speed up their pay-out process for their clients since a new survey revealed that about 80% of players prefer their first choice of gambling provider to have a fast pay out method. 

David Pope, Marketing Director at HooYu, said:

This new journey speeds up the pay out process and saves operators many man hours.

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