Sportradar’s Partners with American Football Clubs

Sportradar’s Partners with American Football Clubs

Sportradar’s Partners with American Football Clubs

St. Gallen-based Sportradar continues its expansion into the US market. An important step towards that goal was the announcement of the partnership with 2 big NFL clubs from New York and Baltimore.

Both Ravens and Jets will use Sportradar’s products, particularly ad:s, for their marketing plans and cooperation with registered betting operators.

Personalization of fans’ experience is the newest trend of sorts industry and with the use of Sportradar’s toolkit, both teams will appeal to their fans with unique content based on comprehensive data.

Sportradar’s Head of Advertising in the US, Mr. M. Smith notes that

Partnership agreements with top American football teams will contribute to corporations’ expansion into the US market. The regulated sports wagering industry gives all the sports-related businesses to offer more to sports enthusiasts.

Mr. Smith further stresses the importance of personalized marketing content and says that their products will help to adapt the content for the needs teams’ respective fanbases.

Sportradar’s deals with Jets and Ravens is the first attempt of the US sports clubs to cooperate with data aggregator providers.

The company has long-term plans of strengthening its positions in the USA. The first step of implementing that strategy was the purchase of Synergy Sports, the latter is an already established data provider focused on youth as well as professional sports events.

In a very short period, Sportsradar managed to secure deals within the 4 most popular sports in the USA – American football, basketball, hockey, and baseball.

NY Jets’ VP, Business Development and Ventures Mr. J. Fernandez believed that the new deal is a big step in further improving the cooperation of Jets and its wagering partners.

New York Jets’ sport betting partners will appreciate the new data-driven content from the team as the registered betting industry in the States is very competitive.

Baltimore Ravens’s representative Mr. Kevin Rocklitz expressed their excitement about the partnership with one of the best players in the industry.

Both Ravens and its betting partners will benefit from the ability to offer personalized content to their fans.

Sportradar’s US expansion is marked with not only partnerships with professional sports clubs but also leading broadcasters.

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