The UK Is Inclined to Renew Premier League’s Coverage Rights Agreements

The UK Is Inclined to Renew Premier League’s Coverage Rights Agreements

The UK Is Inclined to Renew Premier League’s Coverage Rights Agreements

English Premier League is in the process of renewing its current broadcasting rights deals that would bring 4.5bln GBP to EPL. To renew the agreements the Premier League needs the approval of the Government of the United Kingdom.

The renewed agreements will be in effect until 2025. Even though the EPL officials have provided enough reasons for extending the contracts, according to the legislation adopted in 1998, governmental approval is needed for signing the deals and prolonging them.

The calculations show that due to the pandemic and consequent lockdown the profit from EPL games might drop from half to almost 1bln GBP. Therefore, the League officials have taken actions to minimize the losses trying to secure media partnership deals via private deals bypassing the tender procedure.

EPL’s Chief Executive Mr. Richard Masters expresses his gratitude to League’s media partners for continual support and commented on the current situation saying that

The Government’s complementary policy towards the EPL and new arrangements of broadcasting contract sales will contribute to establishing some stability in English football during these uncertain times.

Mr. Marc Allera, the Chief Executive Officer of BT Consumer, talked about the long process of ensuring the best possible deal for both English football leagues and their media partners keeping in mind the best interests of football fans and English football that needs support during the pandemic.

If the Government approves the agreement the football fans will be able to enjoy the matches of EPL along with UEFA championships.

The new Secretary of State for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, Mr. Kwasi Kwartengis rumored to be minded to allow the deal.

In the letter from Sport, Gambling and Ceremonials’ Director at Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, Mr. Ben Dean we can see the Government’s position on the issue and faith in English football to overcome the hardships it faces during the lockdown on its own. According to him, Mr. Kwartengis is inclined to satisfy the EPL’s request.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Football Association, Mr. Mark Bullingham noted that

In order to help the smaller football clubs, the Associations plans to reallocate money increasing the support given to them if the Government agrees with the renewed broadcasting partnership agreement.

The reallocated money (approx. 100mln GBP) will be directed to the lower football leagues, women’s championships, and other vital projects.

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