Why investors should consider GiG as their next investment

Why investors should consider GiG as their next investment

Why investors should consider GiG as their next investment

GiG (Gaming Innovation Group Inc.) has witnessed an impressive increase in its share price as of late, rising by more than 20%, despite the fact that it is not a very recognised stock as of now. And in this case, for example, small caps can be caught in a mispricing issue which is caused by the absence of an abundance of information which is made publicly available, but this can also sometimes be beneficial. 

Is there a chance that this stock could be trading at a lower price which is more connected to its real value? The way to figure this out is by looking through the company’s latest financial data and find out whether or not there is such an opportunity at the moment.

The company value:

First of all, GiG’s essential value for the stock is NOK31.63, which at the moment is higher than the market’s value of GiG. This is great news for all investors since it displays the possible chance to be able to purchase the stock at a lower price. Not only that, but the firm’s share price is pretty unstable, which can provide a great deal of opportunities to buy the share for lower prices, but it could also increase sometime in the future. 

Gaming Innovation Group’s future growth:

When debating buying a certain stock, it is important to look into the future of this stock, in order to figure out whether it is worth the purchase or not. This is mostly important for investors who are seeking to grow their portfolios. And even though some value investors would say that the intrinsic value is the most important aspect, it is necessary to also take into account the possibility of presenting high growth for an affordable price. 

This is the case of GiG, who is currently looking very promising as its revenues are expected to rise by 48% in just the next few years. If the company is able to keep its expenses stable, there could be a much higher cash flow for the stock, which will ultimately increase the value of its shares.

For investors:

This is the perfect time to take a chance on the GiG stock if you have been eyeing it for a bit. Even though its prosperous future is not yet obvious through its current share price, this is still the best time to purchase GiG since it will be rising in the near future. 

For shareholders:

GiG is undervalued at the moment, so this presents a wonderful and strategic opportunity for shareholders to increase their holdings of the stock. The future seems bright for GiG and its growth has not been translated yet into its stock price, which will be happening sooner or later no doubt. It would still be smart for shareholders to take into account some other components such as capital structure, which could be a possible explanation for the undervaluation.

Setting everything aside, it is always best to conduct a deep-dive into the risks and the general information before investing into a stock. Investment comes with many risks and one should understand the baggage it carries before taking a leap.

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