The key to a successful iGaming affiliate business

The key to a successful iGaming affiliate business

The key to a successful iGaming affiliate business

A question that aspiring entrepreneurs in the affiliate scene may constantly ask themselves is: what does it take for my affiliate business to prosper and flourish?

AffPapa has been asking this question to many of our interviewees from within and beyond the iGaming industry, whether they be operators or affiliates with extensive experience in the industry. Here, we have compiled a list of all the answers we have received over time, providing you with the key elements that will help an affiliate business to thrive.

So, let’s find out the key to a successful affiliate business:

Affiliates Media is an affiliate network that has seen quite some success since its launch. We had the opportunity to discuss affiliate marketing with William Clements, the owner of the network, and here is what he thinks:

“At first you will not make money, but you will if you focus the hard work on growing your quality traffic and traffic sources that you can target based on categories viable for them. Usually, this means testing different campaigns to see what works in the beginning. 

As an affiliate network owner, I have publishers with the needed traffic for my campaigns so even though I may not have the traffic myself, I have a way of making the business successful by using affiliates with traffic. When they make money, so do I.”

Mr. Gamble is a great destination for those looking to find the perfect online casino for them. Silver Portugov, CBO at Mr. Gamble and freelance photographer in his free time, shared his thoughts on this matter:

“I think this stays the same as in pretty much any other sales orientated business – putting the client first. That’s what I learned well from the casino operator side as well. No matter our personal opinions, businesses thrive when customers are satisfied. Mr.Gamble has done a great job by also highlighting the cons of casinos, so customers can get the best view before joining the new brand.”

Chief business officer at Bojoko, avid golfer and Netflix enthusiast Joonas Karhu spoke to AffPapa about his thoughts on affiliate marketing and the importance of highlighting the users’ needs and wishes. Bojoko is a well-known affiliate site that displays the best casinos and bonuses. Here is what Karhu had to say:

“Putting the user before anything else. This includes responsible gambling and ensuring that as an affiliate, you are doing everything you can to make sure players are properly protected when playing at the online casinos you partner with. As such, affiliates should only work with licensed operators that are meeting the highest possible standards when it comes to safe gaming. 

Successful affiliates also understand that this is a long-term game and that the decisions and actions they take should not be for short-term gains but rather to ensure they build a sustainable business that will stand the test of time.”

Santi Cruz is the owner of Casino Mpire, a licenced review website that ranks the top rated online casinos all across the world, showcasing their bonuses and more… He believes that producing and directing traffic is the key to an affiliate’s success:

“To be successful as an affiliate marketer you need to be skilled at generating traffic or have a following of some sort. It truly is a numbers game, for example: a typical conversion rate for a good offer is 1 percent, so if you have 100 clicks or 100 visitors and you convert at 1 percent you will get 1 sale. With gambling the conversion rate is actually higher, at least for us. We convert at over 3 percent because we are hyper targeted so for every 100 clicks or 100 visitors we get 5 signups and usually 1 FTD, so if we get 1000 clicks 1000 visitors we get 50 signups and 10 FTD. You need to be skilled at getting traffic and converting that traffic and that is done through content marketing and copywriting. Your ability to influence your website’s visitors will dictate on whether or not they want to follow you. It is a symbiotic relationship, though if the casino brand has a poor landing page or poor retention rate that can also screw up your conversion rate. It needs to be synchronized.”

Betvili is a budding online casino licenced in Curaçao, and sports lover CMO Imeda Imedashvili believes that honesty and good communication can make or break an affiliate business:

“For me transparency and communication between the affiliate and the operator is one of the important aspects for making this business work and successful. As the both parties involved are looking for the mutually beneficial results , this can only be achieved through communication and understanding each other’s needs and goals and creating means together to achieve the desired results. Transparency guarantees that no hurdles remain unchallenged and unsolved in a timely manner. This kind of relationship for me, guarantees the results in the long run.”

Founded in 2006, Ellmount Interactive is a Stockholm-based tech firm made up of a team of over 60 industry experts, with Miles Myron Saacks as Head of Affiliates, who has over 16 years of extensive experience in affiliate management and marketing. Saacks feels that keeping track of an audience’s engagement will help find success:

“As an affiliate, it is essential you have and create quality content always make sure the content is written in a readable way and is always informative and engaging. On top of this, it’s key that you know your audience and write for them and always create new and fresh content. You must track and have insights as to what has worked in the past. It is important to know how your visitors engage with your site. Where is your converting traffic coming from? What pages are visited most before a conversion etc… Keep track of it all. 

Know the products you are talking about to stand out you need to be an expert. Engage your visitors and talk to them if your visitors see your site as a community of like-minded people the chances are they will return and increase your conversions. You should always be trying to improve your sites if you don’t you will get left Behind To become successful you need to put the time and effort you can’t just dump content and hope that things work it is hard and you need to work at it. You are not going to make a million dollars in a month. You need to set realistic expectations.”

Sandro Taliana acts as Country Manager at, a vibrant sportsbook and online bookmaker that offers both in-play and pre-match betting options. Taliana, who has worked in sportsbook for more than 15 years with a number of well-known bookmakers, concludes that honesty and genuineness are what make affiliates thrive:

“A successful affiliate can be seen under various aspects, but what I look at most is the reputation built over the years, of successfully delivering what they promise. It doesn’t mean that a successful one can only be an affiliate that promises thousands of users per month or few super high rollers, or both. A genuine one that gives you an idea of what to expect is someone I definitely want to work with.”

Mobius Interactive has been around since 2004, with a team that is focused predominantly on providing top-notch services such as building digital properties and helping build bridges between brands and customers. Here is what the team had to say:

“Relationship building and good communication are keys to a successful affiliate business. Communicating your vision of your company and what you plan on doing in different jurisdictions to your affiliate partner makes him more aware of your wants and needs as a client.

At Mobius Interactive Ltd, we firmly believe that nothing beats building good relationships with our affiliate base – we see them very much as partners in our business and we are partners in theirs, both working towards mutual success in the igaming industry. 

Good affiliate marketers do not push for the highest rates immediately upon signing a client – they need to grow with the client’s business and not overcharge for their services from the get-go, as this will not bring lasting partnerships.

The affiliate should also ensure that their website offers their clients easy sign-up capabilities and that systems are up-to-date and secure, well-maintained and preferably cloud-based. There should always be fresh content, with plenty of marketing collateral on offer, with honest reviews of products and services.”

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